Adult Learn to Ride

Learn together how to ride a bicycle safely!

There may be many reasons why you never had the opportunity to learn a bicycle when you were younger. Or maybe you did learn as a child, but the idea of cycling on London’s roads gives you a little bit of a scare. And going to ‘cycling class’ on your own? No way! Don’t worry, you’re far from the only one who has thoughts and feelings like this. Our adult Learn to Ride group cycling sessions will help you get the skill and confidence needed to start cycling.

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Islington is entitled to attend one beginners course and one basic cycle skills course. After this, and once you can confidently control a bike, you are entitled to two free one-to-one sessions.

Islington Council instructors will help you progress through the National Standards for cycle training.  Bicycles and helmets (should you wish to wear one) are available for you to use.  Learning as a group is great fun and our instructors are patient and encouraging. Our courses take place at Haverstock School, and Winton Primary School.

Please check out our booking page to see our upcoming learn to ride and basic cycle skills sessions.

Beginners – learning to ride

If you are a complete beginner, you are not alone! Many people are in the same position as you and we aim to get you cycling within two sessions.
You’ll learn the basics of how a bicycle works, how to maintain your balance safely and confidently, and how to ride unaided. All this is done in a safe and off-road environment.

To see our full range of future courses please visit our general booking page.

Basic cycle skills – off-road control skills

Our basic cycle skills course is for those who are able to ride a bike unaided, but need better control skills before going out on the roads.  This course is covered in two sessions.  (Please note that basic cycle skills is not a course for beginners – you can find our beginners courses above).

To find out more about our upcoming basic cycle skills courses (and booking links), please click below.  To see our full range of future courses please visit our general booking page.