School Bikeability – Level 2

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Age group: Years 5 and 6

Duration: Each group has four 2-hour sessions running over a four-day period.

Group size: 16 children can be trained per four-day course. The children are taken out in groups of 8 (maximum) by two nationally accredited cycle instructors, and we run two groups per day. We can also offer two extra hours per week to train up to 6 complete beginners from the same year group.

Course: Bikeability Level 1 and 2.

Location: Level 1 training is playground-based. Level 2 training is on quiet local roads, which are risk assessed by an instructor prior to use.

Course structure

Level 1 is covered, usually within one day. Once this is completed, Level 2 allows the children to interact with real traffic, but sticking to quiet roads. By completing Level 2 children show they have the skills to make a trip safely on quiet roads and cycle lanes, perhaps to school.

Session 1: Trainees’ bikes are adjusted and helmets are fitted. Level 1 Training commences and is completed, if trainees’ ability allows.

Session 2: Level 1 training is completed/reaffirmed. Depending on the ability of the group, Level 2, on road training, commences. However, if the children require more practice with their basic skills they remain in the playground.

Session 3: Level 2 on road training commences / continues. More advanced drills are covered as the trainees’ skills improve.

Session 4: Level 2 on road training is completed. The aim of this session is for the children to put into practice what they have learnt during the week. Depending on the children’s progress, they will often do an enjoyable longer ride with the instructors, leaving them with positive thoughts towards cycling.

Post session: Feedback and Bikeability certificates distributed.

Resources: You will be emailed a register template and consent letter, or you can download your own on our schools resources page.