Independent cycle skills – age 11-17

Moving to secondary school is a great opportunity for young people in Islington to begin travelling independently over longer distances.  All of Islington’s secondary schools are accessible by cycle, and have covered cycle parking for pupils to use.  Here’s how you can increase your confidence and skills on the road.

Our free Independent cycle skills sessions are for young people who attend a secondary school in the borough, and who already cycle (or want to start cycling) to school. Unfortunately at the moment we do not have funding to run this programme. Hopefully we will be able to offer it again soon

Independent cycle skills sessions are two hours long, and anyone who studies in Islington qualifies for two sessions.  They work best in small groups and up to four young people can take part.  You will be accompanied by one or two of our qualified cycling instructors, and you will not need to bring an adult along with you.  Alternatively, you can book a solo session (but you would need to bring a parent/carer or other family member aged 18+ with you).

  • 2-4 young people aged 11-17
  • 1-2 young people aged 11-17 with an 18+ adult also cycling.

Note: We can’t train young people aged under 18 as individuals without an adult present.

These sessions go far beyond the skills taught in a Bikeability Level 2 course, and can include:

  • Route planning and use of cycle infrastructure
  • Roundabouts and traffic lights
  • Cycling on roads used by buses and HGVs
  • Passing queuing traffic

It helps if you are already a confident cyclist or have taken a Bikeability Level 2 course, but this is not required.  Whatever your confidence and skill level, these sessions all begin with a quick, off-road skills check, before moving on to local roads.

Every member of the group (including an accompanying adult, if required) should be listed as attendees, which means you have consented to our terms and conditions.

We can loan you bikes and helmets for the training if needed.

If you are interested in booking an Independent cycle skills session, please ask your parent/carer to complete the form below and an instructor will contact you to confirm the session.  These sessions MUST be booked by a parent or carer aged 18+, even if they will not be attending. [Please note these sessions are on hold due to coronavirus. You can send an enquiry and we will let you know when we can begin again].

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