Cycle maintenance classes

We don’t have any maintenance courses lines up at the moment.

These classes cover the basics of cycle maintenance.  We should be able to cover: checking, cleaning and fitting your bike; removing a wheel and tyre to fix a puncture; adjusting different types of brakes; replacing a brake cable; indexing derailleur type gears; how to use basic bike tools. (these sessions are not currently available)





If these sessions are fully booked, please contact us to be put onto our waiting list.


Basic Bicycle Maintenance Manual

If you can’t make it to one of our courses, but still want to try some home maintenance, have a look at the basic bicycle maintenance manual provided free from the London Cyclist.

You can also find out how to carry out an 11-step M-check of your bike on this Sustrans page, or watch the video.

Cycle Maintenance Workshops

Some local borough cycling groups run cycle maintenance workshops. These are often volunteer-led, and can offer you advice and help to maintain your own cycle:

Note: The three courses listed above are not run by or affiliated to Islington Council