AMSI transition week

Bikeability Level 3 (28-31 August)

This Bikeability Level 3 course is for students intending to cycle to school when they join year 7 of AMSI in September 2018.  The course is free, and bikes, helmets and hi-viz vests can be loaned to all participants for free.  (You are welcome to bring your own – our instructors will check all bikes before the course starts and only road-safe bikes will be used.)

  • Session 1 – Our qualified cycling instructors will check the trainees’ control skills in an off-road space, and practise group riding.
  • Session 2-4  Trainees will work on roads local to the school, interacting with real traffic.  Unlike the Level 2 course taken at primary school the Level 3 course includes more advanced road positioning, how to use junctions with traffic lights, roundabouts and multi-lane roads.

To complete this course you will need to attend every session – if you miss one day, you cannot rejoin the course.

You will need a password to book, which will have been sent to you by AMSI.  Please speak to your year 6 contact or to AMSI if you do not have the password.  There are only six places available – please contact us to be put on a waiting list if all the places are taken.





Arts and Media School Islington, N4 3LS

Tuesday 28 to Friday 31 August

10.00 – 12.00

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